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Health education Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Health education - Essay Example Morrie had begun to hide his real emotions, when his father married another woman, and he had stipulated to desist in uttering about his late mother. His stepmother was able to fill-in the missing piece he all had ever wanted, but his father remained inexpressive to him. His father wanted to sustain the secrecy of his wife’s death with his youngest son, Morrie’s little brother. All Morrie’s had to prove the existence of their mother was the telegram letter that their mother sent them when she was diagnosed and died. From then on, young Morrie had to hide everything about his mother and kept his sorrow and affliction on his own self (â€Å"Tuesdays with Morrie: Plot overview,† n.d.). The significant thing that this system emphasizes is that Morrie’s emotions that he had been keeping all throughout his childhood have caused him intense isolation. The death of Morrie’s father. The death of his father seemed to be unimportant for the young Morrie. As per time, he was a teenager when his father died. His father was walking down the street when a guy attempted to block his way and showed him a gun. Morrie’s father immediately picked up his wallet from his pocket and began to run. His father seemed to be so scared, and it was last to his belief that he had heart problems, which caused him to death. The moment he saw his father, he felt nothing but hatred. He could not forgive his father, and to cry for his death was not even an option for him. Such a feeling had led him to stay away from his family and lived with friends (â€Å"Tuesdays with Morrie,† 2008). The importance of this system signifies Morrie’s sense of hatred that rooted from his father. The emergence of ALS or Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis. Life was going well for the old Morrie until he discovered his deteriorating illness. He was diagnosed with ALS, or commonly termed as Lou Gehrigs disease, which is deadly and incurable (Felice, White, & Chow, 1998). Morrie commenced to desist doing usual

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